Wahiawa Eats


Jimmy's Lakeside Bakery/Cafe
1718 Wilikina Street
Phone: 621-6800

Kilani Bakery*
704 Kilani Avenue
Phone: 621-5662
*They are known for their brownies. Also try their cream-filled cupcakes (reminds me ladyfingers with filling). For the breadpudding lovers, you might want to try theirs.

Zippy's Napolean Bakery
100 N Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 622-4166


Chung Shan Chop Suey
692 Olive Avenue
Phone: 621-6553

Goodfriend Chinese Kitchen
935 California Avenue
Phone: 621-0988

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant
538 California Avenue
Phone: 622-1339

Wok & Grill Express
823 California Avenue
Phone: 622-6688

Fast Food

11 S Kamahemahe Highway
Phone: 621-8113

Kentucky Fried Chicken
609 California Avenue
Phone: 621-7836

114 S Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 622-3962

Taco Bell
146 S Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 622-4061

30 S Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 621-4791


Marilou's Restaurant
Wahiawa Mall
Phone: 621-1196


JP Spaghetti
935 California Avenue
Phone: 621-7238

Cafe Olive
71 S Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 621-7997


Dot's in Wahiawa
130 Mango Street
Phone: 622-4115


Kitchen Delight
553 California Avenue
Phone: 622-3463

Shige's Saimin*
Wahiawa Mall
70 Kukui Street
Phone: 621-3621
*Try their homemade "noodles" and "hamburgers", I just love it.

Oishii Cafe
Wahiawa Town Center
935 California Avenue
Phone: 622-3000


Aloha BBQ
735 California Avenue
Phone: 621-2088

Dong Yang Inn
546 Olive Avenue
Phone: 621-5031

Seoul Inn
410 California Avenue
Phone: 621-9090


El Palenque
177 S Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 622-5829


Domino's Pizza
674 Kilani Avenue
Phone: 622-3030

Papa John's Pizza
105 S Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 621-7700

Pizza Hut - Carry Out
823 California Avenue
Phone: 622-3907

Plate Lunches

Da Pokeman Fish Market
36 N Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 622-4629

Islander Drive Inn
935 California Avenue
Phone: 621-8881

Kemoo Pub & Grill
1718 Wilikina Drive
Phone: 621-8004

L & L Drive Inn
138 S Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 621-3969

Naru's Place
40 N Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 622-4783
Tuesday thru Friday ~ 4:30am to 10:30am

Sherry's Korean BBQ
823 California Avenue
Phone: 622-1098

1017 Kilani Avenue
Phone: 621-7188
**Don't forget to try their delicious pies. Their hours are Monday thru Friday ~ 6:00am to 6:00pm, Saturday ~ 6:00am to 4:00pm and Close at 1:00pm on Sundays. To reserve your pies, you must call the day of your pick-up date so don't forget to wake up at 6:00am to give them a call. Here are the pie schedule:
Monday (Chocolate Cream, Blueberry Cream, Apple, Banana & Apricot* or Peach).
Tuesday (Chocolate Cream, Peach Cream, Apple, Banana, Custard & Pear-Peach Combo).
Wednesday (Chocolate Cream, Blueberry Cream, Apple, Banana & Apricot* or Peach).
Thursday (Chocolate Cream, Cherry Cream, Apple, Banana, Pumpkin & Pear-Peach Combo).
Friday (Chocolate Cream, Blueberry Cream, Apple, Banana & Pear-Peach Combo).
Saturday (Chocolate Cream, Blueberry Cream, Apple, Banana & Apricot* or Peach).
*If apricot is not available, pear-peach combo will be substituted.

100 N Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 622-4166


Quizno's Wahiawa
71 S Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 621-7755

1718 Wilikina Drive
Phone: 622-4555

Subway Deli
823 California Avenue
Phone: 621-9555

Wahiawa Bubble Drinks & Snacks
935 California Avenue
Phone: 621-8262


823 California Avenue
Phone: 621-6631

Higher Ground Coffee & Music Cafe
70 Kukui Street, Suite F
Phone: 622-0000

Koa Pancake House
703 California Avenue
Phone: 621-0123

Marian's Catering
79 Mango Place
Phone: 621-6758

Maui Mike's Chicken
96 S Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 622-5900

Molly's Smokehouse
23 S Kamehameha Highway
Phone: 621-4858

Sushi Man
823 California Avenue
Phone: 621-8811


Pho Loc Restaurant
823 California Avenue
Phone: 621-5499